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When Someone Else's Daughter Gets Recruited...

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

When Someone Else’s Daughter Gets Recruited

Have you ever been on the other end of a conversation where a disgruntled parent is venting about another player on their team, or someone they know, receiving a scholarship offer?

I have… And if you’ve been around softball long enough, you have, too. It’s usually not fun.

It can be hard to understand why your daughter isn’t being recruited while seeing other team members, friends, or competitive acquaintances (who you view as not as talented) are being recruited.

There are many factors that lead coaches to making offers to an athlete. Here are some general reasons:

1. Fits a Need

Coaches don’t always take the best players, but they do search for the best fit. For example, if your daughter is a terrific catcher, but the program has already two on the roster and another committed, your daughter may simply be a victim of the numbers game. This doesn’t mean she isn’t good, but it may give you an understanding for why the coach offered your team's shortstop (who you don’t think is as good) a scholarship offer while ignoring your daughter.

2. Fits a Style

Coaches run their programs differently. Some rely on speed to win games, other’s defense, and some like a lineup full of sluggers. There are variations to this, but if your daughter is a slapper and the coaching staff is looking for middle-of-the-lineup-smashers, you probably aren’t going to fit that program’s style.

3. Fits a Recruiting Philosophy

This can encompass a wide range of thoughts from looking for a certain type of student to only recruiting athletes from the program’s respective state. A recruiting philosophy is the prerogative of a coach or school, and not fitting that philosophy means you’re not going to be recruited by that school.

Aside from the above points, what makes someone else’s daughter a recruit and yours not so much?

It can boil down to the following:


I cannot stress this enough – You Create Your Own Opportunities.

Opportunities are made available to you by putting yourself out there to be seen – namely in camps and competitions.


Who knows about you? What opportunities have you created to be known? Are you putting the best version of yourself in front of coaches? Most coaches aren't flipping over rocks to find athletes - there are far too many platforms for coaches to easily find talented players.


Promote – Promote – Promote! Whether you’re paying for this service or doing it on your own – you will still need to self-advocate. However, a well-respected, connected advocate can do wonders for you when you just don’t know where or when to start.

Let’s say you’re doing the above list, but things still aren’t shaping up for you. Would you believe that it may just be a matter of luck?

Being lucky is a huge part of this. Yes, you create your own luck but without a bit of good fortune, things may not fall in place as you desire. There’s something to be said for doing the right thing at the right place and at the right time. While we can’t really control this, we can create multiple meaningful opportunities, seek exposure, and advocate to better the odds.



Be Ready

When college coaches start showing interest you will want to have the following easily accessible and transferable:

  • · Academic Information – Your grades should be in order, ACT and/or SAT scores (or a date when you plan to test).

  • · Updated Playing Schedule - Club and/or High School

  • · A Link to Your Skills Video

  • · A Profile Sheet (Contact Information for you and your coaches)

  • · Know your Personal Schedule as to when you may be able to visit a college campus.

  • · Your softball stats may be interesting but aren’t going to be important.

Increase your opportunities through exposure by making your own luck at a Jerrad Hardin Camp this summer. The #1 camp available to improve your skills and showcase them with at least a dozen active college coaches (Only 80 participants allowed).

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Jerrad Hardin works with hundreds of coaches from all levels every year in his coast-to-coast softball camps. This article includes information that reflects conversations with those coaches. It should not be construed as an all-inclusive approach to your process.


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