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Farrah Ignored the Signs

Updated: May 13, 2021

Mike parked his car and sat for more than two hours outside the grocery store. He gripped one hand on the wheel, the other on a stolen handgun. Inside, Farrah James worked her after-school shift.


Mike, a standout pitcher on the baseball team, first met Farrah when the Valley West High School Baseball and Softball Teams teamed up for a charity event to raise funds for a beloved teacher stricken with cancer.

The baseball team proved no match for Farrah, a record-setting pitcher entering her sophomore season. One by one they fell victim to her riseball, changeup combination.

When Mike stepped into the box, he pointed his bat at Farrah and surrendered a pleading smile. She laughed and thought the senior pitcher was too cute to strike out, so she hurled a fastball over the center of the plate. Mike, not known for his hitting, stroked the offering to centerfield for the first and only hit of the day.

Afterwards, Mike sauntered over to where Farrah stood with a group of her teammates and introduced himself, “Hey, thanks for taking it easy on me.”

Farrah shot back, “Oh, you’re the jerk that got lucky and broke up my no-hitter.”

“Guilty,” Mike said sheepishly, and his cheeks flushed red. “I’m Mike.”

“Mike the dreamcrusher,” Farrah said with a grin. “I’m Farrah.”

Over the next two weeks, Farrah and Mike began to exchange flirty text messages. Who could blame Mike for the pursuit, Farrah wasn’t just cute, she was spunky, full of laughter and fun. While the boys on the baseball team teased Mike about the budding romance with a younger girl, each would have eagerly traded places with him.

Within a month, Mike and Farrah were a couple. Farrah’s parents initially liked Mike, and all of her friends approved – despite her spending less and less time with them. On the surface, they appeared like typical high school sweethearts.

One day, Farrah told her friend and teammate Amy, “Mike is great, but lately he’s been getting mad about me spending so much time at practice.”

“That’s weird,” Amy replied.

“Yeah, it’s like he’s jealous of Coach Brady. i don't get it.”