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Updated: Nov 6, 2018


“EYE TEST” – What coaches SEE – often a first impression.
TALENT – Measurable – Tangible – Comparable.
INTANGIBLES – Cannot be touched – difficult to measure.

All three play an integral part in determining interest from college coaches on the recruiting trail.


Put Your Best Foot Forward

The first impression is often the most lasting. Coaches, who are pressed for time, may only get a quick look at you. Understanding that you’ll want to put forth the best version of yourself. Most coaches will make snap judgments (especially if you aren’t already under consideration as a recruit) about you as a player and you may only get a small window of time to show them what you’re all about. Imagine the difficulty of that for both you and the coach. But with thousands of athletes vying for a limited number of roster spots in any given recruiting class, it’s easy to understand the process and quickly start to value why you should care about passing the “Eye Test.”

- Constructive Communication (Avoid being annoying and overbearing – stay positive)
- Meaningful Effort (Demonstrate Hustle at All Times)
- Positive Body Language (Let your posture deliver the message you want others to see)
- Genuine Enthusiasm (Show your love for the game without being fake)
- Dress for Success (TUCK in your shirt! Wear your pants appropriately. Look like a serious ballplayer.)


Awe Onlookers with Your Abilities

Athletes are going to possess different levels of talent for different things. Rare is the athlete who is good at EVERYTHING.  Know who you are and do your best to showcase those strengths and while working on your weaknesses, cover them up by demonstrating full effort in competition.  Ultimately, coaches are going to choose players who can play. While a poor attitude or lack of intangibles may be disqualifying, there are plenty of talented players who do at least one skill well enough to help contribute to the success of a team. Find your best talents and make sure coaches are seeing them on full display.

- Have Competitive At-Bats (Go up with a plan and execute it. Do not be an easy out!)
- Approach the Ball in the Field with Proper Footwork (Think Angles and Efficiency)
- Run the Bases at Full Speed (All the time – not just when you might have a hit.)
- Show off the Arm (Throw like you mean it – ALL THE TIME!)
- Use One Hand to Catch (Gone are the days of “TWO HANDS!” – You are more efficient with one.)


“She just has ‘IT’!”

The “IT Factor”.   What the heck is IT? It’s hard to measure and even harder to find. The reason is that it doesn’t always stand out – but when it does, coaches are drawn to it like a moth to a flame (Or my 3-year-old to a bowl full of Halloween Candy).  If you don’t have “IT” – don’t fake it. Manufactured Intangibles are easy to see and will likely turn coaches away. If you have an intangible – don’t hide it – put it out there for others to see.  Just, please, make sure it’s genuine. Otherwise, you’ll do yourself more harm than good trying to fake it.

- Consistent Leadership (Lead Teammates in Positive Directions)
- Positive Attitude (Never Let Teammates See You Down – Under Any Circumstance)
- Implement Knowledge (Shift on Defense, Understand Situations on Offense. Throw to the Correct Bases.)
- Unfailing Effort (Give ALL of Yourself – All the Time.)
- Humility (Give Credit to Others – Think of the Greater Good.)

Please share this article with your softball friends! We’re here to help the softball community and we can’t extend our reach without your help! Thank you and as always, please let me know if I can be of any personal assistance to you!

All the Best!



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