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How One Player Inspired Her Team

Updated: Mar 4, 2019


1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Jessica “Pook” German did what we expected while pitching in her first high school game of what would end up being a record-breaking and storied career.

Just a doe-eyed freshman, Pook struck out nearly every hitter faced that night for her first of many no-hitters she would throw over a standout career that saw her eventually earn the state’s highest honor, being named as the Player of the Year.

Had you met Jessica back in those formative years, you would have immediately noticed a tall (5’11), lengthy, lanky athlete who often looked a little unsure on her feet, smiling and acting goofy.

But once she stepped into the circle, everything changed. Like superman jumping into a phone booth, she’d come out with a superhero persona - transforming as “Pook”.

In a nutshell, Pook was a highly competitive athlete who pitched at speeds that made you question your own eyes.

Her arms were long, and her legs even longer. The windmill action of her pitch was a blur, her leap frightening for hitters, and the ball seemed to explode from her left hand. Most had never seen anything like her.

Dozens of long-standing state records fell from the record books, as Pook was making her name known – Strikeouts, Shutouts, No-Hitters, Scoreless Streaks, etc. (The list was long, and she was just getting started)

People all over the state were asking, just who is this Pook German?

Later that year, when she pitched our team to the finals of the state tournament, much of the state had learned.