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The April Mailbag: Answering Your Questions

April Mailbag

1.  Is your camp for elite-level players only? Sherry- Birmingham

Sherry, thank you for your question. Our camp is for athletes of all levels. We do get elite-level athletes attending our camp, but we also have those who are developing. Truly, we get a good mix and with the format we have in place, an athlete’s level of play does not impede activities. Individuals come to camp for a variety of reasons – some come for the experience, others for college exposure, and yet others who just want to get better. Knowing that’s the case, we are sensitive to the needs and goals of every individual and thus have a camp to provide everyone with a great experience.

2.  We are signed up for camp. My daughter wants to play in college. How do we get the most out of your camp? Tom - KC

Tom, this is a good question and thanks for submitting it. While there’s no guarantee that anyone will get to choose the college of their choice to play softball, we believe there’s a place for every athlete. We have a camp designed to prepare athletes for the challenges of playing at the next level. Foremost, you get the exposure to 15 college coaches in our camp, chosen from multiple levels. The organization, drills, and pace of instruction mimics that of a college program. You’ll also receive skill measurements along with benchmarks that help athletes understand where they are physically and where they need to improve. We also give you an hour to talk to all of the coaches in a small group so that you can ask questions that are important to you – things you need to know. Beyond these things, you’ll play in 4 competitive games during the afternoon coached by the college coaches. You’ll be with all of them at some point in the afternoon. This gives you the opportunity to take instruction during games from college coaches and compete against other talented athletes. Prior to camp, we will be sending you valuable information to prepare you for all of these activities, including tips and insights on how to be at your best!

3.  We are wanting to do your camp but think it’s a little expensive. Can you convince me that the money is worth it? Janice - Virginia Beach

Janice, I want to start by saying, I completely understand. I have four children and my wife and I know what it’s like to have to make these type of decisions. With that said, I want you to know that you won’t find a better value or softball opportunity if you ‘re seeking to gain college exposure and improve skills. If you were to attend an on-campus college camp, you would pay a similar fee where participation often tops more than 100-200 athletes and you get the exposure/instruction from ONE program. By contrast, in our camp you get exposure to 15 Different Colege Programs, that’s multiple ideas, tips, instructional nuggets, etc. And, we only permit 100 Athletes to attend. The player-to-coach ratio is unmatched, and we guarantee an organized and productive day! I’ve always said that it’s hard to put a price on an experience your child will remember for a lifetime and when you learn just one skill that you can apply for the rest of your playing days – that’s priceless.  Also, there’s always that opportunity that you may meet a coach at our camp who positively changes the direction of your child’s life. It happens at every single camp we put on.

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