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How to write Effective Emails to Coaches

How to write Effective Emails to Coaches Here’s a popular question directed toward coaches at our camps:  “What are you looking for in an email?” Coaches are really busy individuals. They wear many hats as travel agents, travelers, evaluators, budget-makers, camp instructors, receptionists, and they need to also find time to coach their respective teams.  With that said, understand that these same coaches receive 100’s of emails every day from prospective student-athletes. To have your email read – you’ll need to stand out! To begin, the Subject of your Email: Participant’s Full Name, Graduating Year, Position, and Hometown. Example:   Susy Douglas, 2019, SS, Chicago, IL This allows coaches to quickly identify who you are, whether they can respond to you based on NCAA rules, and your geographic region. Now, the body of the email should be direct and kept short.   The prospective student-athlete should write the email – do not use a form email, an email from a scouting service, or from parents.  Coaches want to hear from the athlete. In the body of the email, make sure you get the name of the coach you’re addressing correct, some facts about the school, softball program, and why you have an interest. If this is your first email to the coach, understand this is the beginning of potential dialogue Try not to be too pushy.  Most coaches are going to want to see a short video.  Include a link that takes the reader to a short video to a site such as YouTube where they can view your skills. Most coaches may also want to see a link to your high school or club schedule. You may also want to list your club or high school coach as a potential point of contact. So make sure you provide accurate information such as email addresses and phone numbers. Finish the email by providing the coach with any information where you may see them – such as at a camp they are working or at an on-campus camp. Here’s an example: Coach Jones, Congratulations on going 4-0 last week!  I’m interested in learning more about your program at UTTCU. Your school has one of the strongest business programs in the region, and is a perfect match for me academically. Please take a look at my short skills video here: You can also find a link to my club schedule here: Should you have any questions, please contact my club coach: Mary Jackson, ,  444-444-XXXX I am registered for the Jerrad Hardin Camp in Rockford, IL, on June 18th.   I look forward to meeting you there! Thank you! Susy Douglas 2019, SS

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