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Gameplan for Playing in College

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

A 10 point plan to help athletes gameplan for the next level.


1. KNOW THE RULES – NCAA.ORG – free resources and recruiting guides are available.

2. TIMING – it’s never too early to start and never too late to begin.

3. EXPOSURE – put yourself in front of as many coaches as possible through high school games, club games, tournaments, and camp opportunities.

4. PRESENTATION – make sure you’re always putting forth the best version of you. Be a great daughter, teammate, and person. It’s not always how you play, but it is always how you act.

5. IMPROVE – never settle. Your skills need to evolve regardless.

6. CONNECTIONS – build relationships with coaches, players, parents -essentially anyone who might testify about you as a person and your skills.

7. SOCIAL MEDIA PERSONA – Keep it clean – be mindful of what you post, retweet, and like online. Coaches will investigate.

8. KEEP AN OPEN MIND – not everyone will be able to play for the National Champion. There’s a place for everyone - be willing to explore options that you had not previously thought about.

9. PROMOTE – you will need to sell yourself and stand out in positive ways. Write coaches in sincere ways – create short and relevant videos – follow up and show appreciation.

10. BE HUMBLE – show humility, be likable, and always demonstrate a willingness to learn.


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