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Becky's Parents Boiled Over About Playing Time

Becky was upset with her lone at-bat. After the game, she expressed frustration to her parents, whose tempers flared.

“I’m quitting,” Becky quipped.

“Can’t say I blame you,” Becky’s dad, Charles agreed.

Coach is so stupid. I think she’s got something against travel ball players. She can’t really believe that you aren’t one of the best nine players,” Becky’s mom, Tammy stated.

The toxic conversation continued during the short ride home, with Becky, arms folded across her chest, listening to her parents belittle her coach, Shelia Payne.

Charles Dixon was so worked up by the time he got home, he slammed the door of the family sedan as he exited and announced, “I’ve had enough. Coach Payne is gonna get a piece of my mind!


Shelia Payne, always the last to leave the field, had just finished locking away the softball equipment and was reaching for the light switch, when her cell buzzed from her pocket.

“What’s up, Jaz,” Shelia asked.

“Mommy, when are you coming home?” Shelia Payne’s four-year-old whined.

“Baby, I’ll be home in a few – just finishing up here. Where’s Lilly?” Payne asked about the babysitter.

“I’m right here Miss Payne,” Lilly spoke into the speaker.

“Hi Lilly, I’ll be there in about twenty. Thank you for staying late. The game went to extras.”