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Allie Lied to Her Parents

Inspired by True Events

(Details and Names have been changed - any similarity to actual names is purely coincidental.)

The daily letters, phone calls, and text messages wasn’t the only source of pressure Allie felt about choosing a school where she would play softball beyond high school.

One day, when Mary heard her daughter crying behind a closed bedroom door, she wondered if the madness was finally getting to Allie.

As she stood with her ear to the door, listening, she too felt like crying.

Later that night, Allie had put it all aside and had helped her team to a critical win with two key hits and her usual stellar defense at shortstop.

After the game, she answered a few questions from the local media as a small crowed gathered around to hear her thoughts.

A reporter asked, “Any timetable for making a decision?”

Allie faked a smile, hiding her annoyance, and acted shyly about the process, “I’m still sorting through my options.” She then glanced at her parents and boyfriend who stood behind the reporter. “I hope to make a decision as soon as the season is over.”

The post-game dinner included burgers and lots of questions from her parents as she sat across from them in the booth with her boyfriend, Tommy.

Allie’s father, Mark, got the conversation started.

“Your mother said she heard you crying in your room this afternoon.”

The statement lingered without a response as Allie stared at her plate and picked at fries.

“Allie, if this p