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Private Coaching

One-on-One Teaching and Mentoring

Available 4/15


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Career Highlights
  • NCA Coach of the Year
  • Two-Time State Championship Coach
  • Teams Produced Dozens of Offensive, Defensive, & Pitching Records
  • Hitting & Pitching In-Services for Top D1 Programs
  • Four MLB All-Star Games
  • Assisted in the Development of Hitting Drills for the 2008 Olympic Team.
  • Scores of former students have enjoyed club, high school, college, and professional success. 
  • Developed high school players of the year, all-state honorees, numerous state record holders, college softball recipients, and  professional draftees.
  • Jerrad Hardin students have played in every major DI conference in the country.


I'm Jerrad Hardin, and I want to be your personal coach. Our journey together will be about you. My goal is to develop your skills and advise you on the correct steps you'll need to take to reach your goals

My 20+ years in softball has blessed me with connections and friendships with many of the top coaches in the country. I have learned from Olympic players and coaches, Division-1 All-Americans, National Championship Coaches, and from my experiences running multiple championship programs as a coach.


I've also spent more than a decade doing lessons, learning how to teach my students what works best for them to succeed. All of my teaching is based on what the best players in the world are doing (backed by video evidence), but with the caveat that whatever is being taught has to work for the individual

With me as your private coach, you will always get my best. I'll spend hours behind the scenes examining your video, analyzing your movements from a scientific perspective, and communicating with you on what's working and what's not. We will adjust, develop, and ultimately succeed in making you the best player you can be!


May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

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